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Vertical hood piercing images

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Login My Account Cart. Lorena sanchez photographer. There are a few options regarding the type of jewelry you can wear in this piercing curved barbell, straight barbell, circular barbell or ring but not every style will necessarily be comfortable. Vertical hood piercing images. Ask if the piercing is internally or externally threaded; it should be internally threaded for comfort. Are you considering getting another piercing in that area in the future? Thanks for your time and assistance in advance, J. Sexy nepali movies. We pierce and install either a curved barbell or an L-bar.

Categories Body Jewelry Questions. My piercer removed my VCH before piercing my triangle. While it was healing, it was kind of annoying, but now that it's healed, I love it! If your clitoral hood is deep enough, then you can choose from either a VCH piercing or an HCH piercing. BME is a registered trademark of BME. Tatouage Celtique done by Steve the owner! Lymph sometimes dries to a crust hence the term "crusties" that people often use with new piercings , which is also not an issue.

Vertical hood piercing images

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It can be done as small as an 18 gauge or as large as the space in your ear allows. Vertical hood piercing images. I received this message from a professional piercer whom I respect a great deal. After a couple of months of research I finally went this past Friday November 11th to get my VCH piercing. I had little to no bleeding and it feels fine now. Massage chair orgasm. These piercings I pierce with 10g rings and larger. Some women get single rings or circular barbells placed through one or both sides of their inner or outer labia, while others opt for rows of rings on either or both sides.

Placed in the flat part of the upper helix. The anticipation building up was worse than the actual piercing itself lol Thank you so much! While getting the piercing, I would recommend doing yoga-style deep breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

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I usually perform this piercing with a 14g or 12g custom-made bar. I went back out to the front, where I thanked and paid Jamie, and left with my aftercare and a bounce in my step!

Some women will wear one ring through the two piercings to create a chastity device. Lymph sometimes dries to a crust hence the term "crusties" that people often use with new piercings , which is also not an issue. However, HCH piercing holes could possibly be re-purposed for a pair of Princess Diana piercings later, if your clitoral hood is deep and wide enough.

Furthermore take the following piecing aftercare tips in consideration as well:. A 10g straight barbell is the most common piece of jewelry we use. Vertical hood piercing images. I had the piercing done today and I'm not unhappy with the result but I think it may be incorrectly placed. Since Princess Diana piercings enter the clitoral hood at roughly the same point as an HCH piercing would, they're rarely paired with HCH piercings. Natalie portman black swan scene. I received a message and some photos from a woman who had some concerns about her VCH piercing: Painful Pleasures was founded in with the goal to provide the widest variety of tattoo supplies, piercing supplies, and body jewelry in the world.

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